4 Day Special Early Bird Ticket Sale

If you are seeking health, happiness, and consciousness to expand yourself to a greater state of pure and absolute connection with Source Energy, this is for you. We've created the Breatharian Challenge for you to experience your most wanted benefits, right now in your life! EXPERIENCE the ULTIMATE Degree of DETOXIFICATION CONNECT with a NEW and powerful SOURCE OF [...]

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★ All You Need to start your Pranic Lifestyle ★ Two Online Video Courses + 8 Day Live Webinar - Special Bundle The Years most powerful event is coming on August 3rd, The globally trending Pranic Lifestyle Process for Alternative Healing and Consciousness Evolution, a life-changing event for Wellness Enthusiasts, Energy Healers, Conscious Breathers, Yogis, Light Workers and anyone with the [...]

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72 Hour Dry Fast – Going Breatharian Experience

We have finished 72 hours Dry Fast at the 8 Day Breatharian Process in Costa Rica, it's incredible happiness, expansion, bliss. I'm having the best experience of my Life! 72 hours Dryfast to purify and heal our bodies and soul! We had participants coming from the USA, Canada, Holland, Costa Rica, and India, experiencing together the [...]

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Akahi 8 Day Breatharian Method | Mini Class

Akahi's fascinating and exciting approach to Pranic Living Practices and Initiations open and clear our energy fields and energy channels; induce greater currents and higher frequencies of subtle energy in our light bodies; cleanse and uplift our emotional and mental states; and improve the health and functioning of our organs and [...]

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Breatharian 8 Day Online Video Course – Day Four

Exhaling Toxic Energy from the Spiritual body. Check out the short instructions below this video and let’s get started https://s3.amazonaws.com/8-day-process-video-course/07_day_4_session_1_new.mp4 Watch it online or click here to download the video. Session 1: Recommend it do it in the morning before noon. Get ready and in a comfortable place for your session and press play. [...]

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Akahi* 8 Day Process-Breathing Sessions* available now on MP3

Hi-Tech NeuroCellular Science - Pranic Technology - Deep Purification -  Etheric & Karmic Healing - Living on Light* Dearest friends, Today I had a very exciting and great experience through the session of akahi that I listened to for the so many times: by visualizing the figure 8, the lemniscate, it became multi dimensional [...]

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