Akahi 8 Day Breatharian Method | Mini Class

Akahi's fascinating and exciting approach to Pranic Living Practices and Initiations open and clear our energy fields and energy channels; induce greater currents and higher frequencies of subtle energy in our light bodies; cleanse and uplift our emotional and mental states; and improve the health and functioning of our organs and [...]

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Breatharian 8 Day Online Video Course – Day Four

Exhaling Toxic Energy from the Spiritual body. Check out the short instructions below this video and let’s get started https://s3.amazonaws.com/8-day-process-video-course/07_day_4_session_1_new.mp4 Watch it online or click here to download the video. Session 1: Recommend it do it in the morning before noon. Get ready and in a comfortable place for your session and press play. [...]

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Akahi* 8 Day Process-Breathing Sessions* available now on MP3

Hi-Tech NeuroCellular Science - Pranic Technology - Deep Purification -  Etheric & Karmic Healing - Living on Light* Dearest friends, Today I had a very exciting and great experience through the session of akahi that I listened to for the so many times: by visualizing the figure 8, the lemniscate, it became multi dimensional [...]

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