ホーム/Live online events/ライブビデオウェビナー – 8 アカヒによって教示された日のプロセス 2018

ライブビデオウェビナー – 8 アカヒによって教示された日のプロセス 2018

$ 297.00

アカヒは、プロセスであなたを伴うビデオ通話を個人的に生きています, 192時間/ 8日間, あなたのための任意の時点で入手可能, and together with a selected group of like-minded people from all around the world.

Every day we will have three video calls of 1.5 営業時間. These meetings will be for the two breathing sessions each day in the morning and afternoon before sunset, and a sharing circle video calls with Q&毎晩第二セッションの後. あなた自身を楽しむためにまたはあなたがプロセスの日々を学習している技術を練習するためのセッションの間の時間であります.


Experience the world famous 8 DAY PROCESS live Webinar Satsang with Akahi

The amazing 8 Day Pranic Breatharian Method over the Internet, live with Akahi

Can’t make it to my center? I have made my program accessible to you on the internet. All you require is a decent internet connection. I use robust video call equipment that makes the sessions more real-time and understandable.

Upon registration, you will receive an email with information to access the live webinar. Two weeks before the webinar you will be invited to take up a 1.5-hour video call, where you will also be able to meet with the other participants of the group and clear your doubts and ask questions about the functioning of system and program as a whole.

To make the best of experience, I will available on video setting for as long as 192 hours across eight days and makes sure that you are well attended. Your queries are very well answered, and you get the opportunity to interact with like-minded and similarly driven people from across the globe.

Every day in the 8 デイ·プロセス

-Every morning 7 am we meet for a short chat, and then we will initiate the energy breathing practices of the day. (Pacific Time, カリフォルニア州)

-Every afternoon 12 pm group meets online once again for the second session of energy nourishment and breathing exercises.

In between workshops/sessions there remains a lot of free time to allow the participants to experience the power of each session and integrate the many awakenings offered by this exceptional process.

Every day there is a sharing circle at the end of the second session.



  1. エネルギーチャネリングと高度な知覚のワークショップ
  2. 沈黙の日
  3. 顕現ワークショップのためのエネルギーを利用しました
  4. プラーナ周波数ワークショップとヒーリング
  5. 外の世界との統合 - 参加者が外の世界に統合する方法を理解するのに役立ちます.


The gradual monitored 8 Day Pranic fast is as follows

A week before the Process the participants are asked to begin a living foods diet, this helps during the deep detox process.

On the first day of the Process, we only eat fruits.

On the second day just we will drink liquids and fresh fruit and veggie juices or smoothies.

The third day we go on almost three days of water or dry fasting, accompanied with very powerful energy nourishment techniquesparticipants have the opportunity to experience energy food in a 100% while dry fasting for 1, 2, または 3 日, optionally depending each participant desire. Most of the participants enjoy the completion of 3 days dry fasting very much, while others may choose to drink water after 1 または 2 days dry fast. The Proces will guide you.

For the last three days, we will gradually reactivate the digestive system by drinking initially diluted juices and then slowly day-by-day adding more fruits or veggies to your drinks.


Have no fear with regards to Pranic fasting. PRANIC FASTING IS A WHOLE NEW THINGThe amazing 呼吸法 プロセスの意志 励磁 your body to give you strength and confidence for a smooth and effortless transition. ザ· 8 デイ・プロセスは、インテリジェントと体に優しいです, これは、遷移が楽しいものにするために、あなたの物理的なニーズに適応します. It is a happy surprise when participants find it easier than they expected.

アカヒリカルドサラス is the world authority on Energy Nourishment and Breatharianism with 9 フィールドでの個人的な経験の年, 20+ 保証世界中の国々, ザ· 8 デイプラーナBreatharian方法™ 光とエネルギーの新たに開発されたインテリジェントな栄養にご理解を開きます。. It is a platform to bring together like-minded people from all over the world to come experience the evolution of consciousness and complete transformation of their thought processes and how to listen to their real selves. このプログラムは、人々が生命の源として食品に自分の依存関係を超えて、その存在を燃料に自分の内側のエネルギーを利用するために目指しています. このプログラムは、栄養のための神秘的なユニバーサルエネルギーを超えてかかります, energy, and information. アカヒ 8 Day Process is extensively researched and approved by scientists in the world who themselves have been intrigued by the power of the program. Using the power of Water and Dry Fast combined with Conscious Breath Technology, the program structure is impactful enough to correct damaged DNA, generate and rejuvenate emotional, mental and physical well-being, 体内の酸素摂取量を調節し、人体の全体的な健康の最善の利益に神経系を揃えます.


There are many that are waiting for the process to take place and if you are interested, we recommend to register now to guarantee your place in the workshop.

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勧告 & 処理前の提案

  1. ザ· 8 DAYプロセスは、インテリジェントであると体FRIENDLY. 以上のことを考える必要はありません, あなたはそれを行うことを決定したら, あなたは、あなたの生活の中でいくつかの変更が起こることを始める気づくかもしれません.
  2. 受けている他の人々について学びます 8 デイ·プロセス, あなたのサブ意識的には、栄養とエネルギーの意識になります, そして、信念システムは、あなたの体の健康とエネルギーを再配線に移行を開始します.
  3. あなたは上の素晴らしいエネルギー栄養技術が利用可能に練習を開始することができます アカヒのオンラインビデオコース - これは、プロセスのために準備するための最良の方法です.
  4. 4体システムとバランスをより意識すること開始. 物理的, 感情の, 精神的、精神的.
  5. 提案 - 8DPその神聖なと個人的な経験, don’t talk about it with everyone only with the people that you resonate, as some people are simply not yet ready to comprehend it.

What to expect after the 8 日·プロセス

  1. Freedom
  2. Save money
  3. Caloric intake decrease
  4. Reduce sleeping time
  5. Clarity of thought
  6. Physical healing
  7. More confidence
  8. Cessation of the feeling of hunger or thirst.
  9. Ideal body weight

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