• Enter into the Spiritual aspect of the Pranic enlightenment Teachings, in this session the Light Body activation, becomes a Reality of Bliss And Self Mastery creating a clear and open relationship with the full Divine expresión within you, your Divine Presence I AM, your Higher Self, and allow it to re create your entire Being, iluminating from the skin deep, to penetrante your cells and átoms, regenerating and calibrating your body organs in the 5th dimensional State of Light Being. and anchoring your Higher Self Wisdom permanently in your Spiritual Ascension and Life*
  • Session 3 INFINITE PRANIC BREATHING in this sesión the codes of the power of the breath are reveals to you, in this is session you are going to learn consciously and integrate physically into your Life, the self free energy mechanism of the body, to active your Inner Source of Prana, your Inner source of Life, Through this breath we are going to create a balanced rhythm of the breathing cycle, we will contemplate the characteristics of the air, And at the same time you will learn step by step each part of your breathing cycle, to be able to guide the energy through diferent áreas of your Being.
  • * Connect with a new and exciting source of Energy – the nourishment of the new millenium

    * Experience Self-Healing & Cellular Rejuvenation through Advanced Pranic Breath Science

    * Increase your Life-force Energy for happiness and wellbeing

    * Dissolve & release any limiting thought patterns & mental conditioning

    * Enjoy a profound new state of mental clarity and emotional stability

    * Embody all aspects of your being, allowing your innate wisdom to guide you

    * Expand your higher senses through Extra-sensorial Energy Transmissions

    * Liberate yourself and future generations from unhealthy genetic chains

    * Activate your natural capacity to Live on light.

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