Experience the most powerful лечебен и съзнание evolution process of the world

Join us for the amazing 8 DAY PROCESS that will be held in COSTA RICA – Март 2 да 9 2019.
Be immersed in the life-changing transition to #Пранич Living and #Breatharianism.
In person, with us and a #powerful group of like-minded people reaching their highest human potential and #spiritual realization in the beautiful location in Turrialba, Коста Рика.
VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE TO LEARN MORE: HTTPS://www.praniclivingtraining.com/costarica
1. Akahi Метод Онлайн курс;
2. eBook “Returning to Light”;
3. Breathing Meditations on MP3;
4. Access to our private Facebook groups to be an ongoing part of our community.
This is an event that you don’t want to miss! The master process designed to cleanse all aspects of your being, and to reconnect you with your inner power in a way never before experienced.
We will teach and guide you:
1. To the real Pranic Living State of Living on light, Guaranteed;
2. How to use the Energy of Prana/Chi/Ki/Bigu for Ultimate Healing, and we’ll give you the secret tools for rejuvenation and longevity that the greatest masters on earth practiced.
3. About the elements of nature + the shamanic teachings we learned in our travels in Peru, Боливия, and South America;
4. How to amplify your senses to perceive energy in all things;
5. To make your energy field stronger so nothing and no one can affect you;
6. To use the power of love to create wealth and prosperity in your life, as well as how to begin to think about and apply new energy to your business to achieve your dreams;
7. To connect permanently with Prana and to use it for your wellness, Super-Consciousness 5D Evolution;
8. To experience the most profound cleanse in a mental, емоционален, spiritual and body friendly detoxification;
Click here to read and watch videos of more ways you can benefit from the 8 Day Breatharian Transition Retreat and the bonuses you get.