The Extraordinary Mental Abilities of Akahi*

Después del primer experimento que se interesaron más en ciencia y en lo que era en realidad real y científicamente confirmado, En este punto yo sabía que todo lo que estaba ocurriendo en el interior de mi mente y el espíritu era increíble, and like every good scientist I wanted to know more about the miraculous healing occurring in so many people by practicing this breathing for 8 Días.

My practices and Higher states of consciousness became deeper and I learn to be able to go higher and higher in energy and wholeness with the Universe. I began an inner process of refinement of my breathing practices to be able to share with the world the ancient techniques of energy nourishment into a modern method that guarantees proven benefits for its practitioners.

A few months later in France in 2013, I was invited by a wonderful couple, that wanted to do the process for a second time, they where in their 90‘s and they where owners of a retreat center in South of France, in this 8DP retreat I meet Guusje Roozemond MSc. She was participating in the 8DP. was an engineer in Neuro Feedback Therapie, she invited me to volunteer in a QEEG experiment on measuring the changes in my brain waves while practicing different breathings that I have developed.

We carried 4 experiments out 5-minute QEEG (Cuantitativa electroencefalograma) measurements while I was meditating and consciously breathing prana into my brain and body.

In the study conducted by Guusje Roozemond MSc. The electrical activity of the brain was monitored using electroencephalography. electrodes were placed in 14 standard locations of my scalp.

Los resultados fueron tan notables y únicos y una vez más nos mostró que las Respiraciones de los 8 Day Process puede señalar una nueva relación tuya con tu propia mente y yo.

Más de confirmación de la Scienctific 8 Proceso Día