The Process

The eight days of the project comprise of two sessions focusing on rigorous and focused breathing session on every day. One of it happens in the morning and other in the afternoon. The program includesPranic Self- Programming, the enlightenment of the I am andPranicLight Breathing.

The 8 Day Transformation

Day 1: Aligning of the body

It is your day. You choose to spend it on your own terms.You intake your favorite fruits in any quantity you wish. Also, you drink the juices of the same fruits again in the quantities of your choice. This is the cleansing phase. This step brings the entire body in sync.

Day 2: Aligning the mind

Here one must allow oneself to thrive on fresh fruit juices and slowly escalate to a point where the body nourishes only through use of water in the afternoon and the evening. The quantity of the water can be amount that satiates your senses. Here, begins the purification and the syncing of the mind.

Day 3: Aligning Emotions

Emotions are the biggest driving force of deviations and discomfort. This step is where you are required to let go of anything bothersome. Just let go of everything in lightness and allow yourself to experience the divine. This is the dry phase where the body is kept free of any kind of liquids and fruit juices. This completely has to be a dry state. Similar procedure will be followed at the 4th and 5th day.

Day 4 and 5: Be Soul

Now is the time to appreciate your existence. Give up on your ego for it only breaks and not makes things. Through Pranic consciousness, you delve into serenity and experience divinity. In the most natural way, you have an enlightened experience.

Day 6: Recreate your emotions

Here is where you allow yourself to rejuvenate, recreate and get back to enjoying your existence. You slowly and gradually start with water intake and fall back to having fresh fruit juices in the afternoon and the evening.

Day 7: Stimulate the mind

Stimulate you mind, thoughts and perceptions for the good. Start slow and steady with intake of juices of your favorite fruits enabling your body to appreciate good nutrition and keeping off the created necessity of nutrition through other means.

Day 8: Stimulate the body

This is the day of realization. This is when Pranic Consciousness is ready to be fed into your system vying to bring out the best in you. Your cellular structure will be enhanced and you are now more prepared for a deeper understanding of yourself. The level of consciousness achieved will be the beginning of a new and better self that is past any inhibitions and preconceptions in life. You must start your day with fresh juices of your favorite fruits and enlighten your senses to observe tremendous transformation.

Breatharian Technology Created by: Art. Akahi Ricardo Salas 

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