This Monday, January 20th, we’re launching the amazing Pranic Lifestyle Summit™, and in this email we’re giving you the unique opportunity to get lifetime access to the only online membership platform that includes conferences and workshops from the best Breatharian teachers, all in one place!

In the Pranic Lifestyle Summit we have exclusively selected the leading experts in Breatharianism and Pranic Lifestyle from North and South America, Europe, and Israel! Each one of them people like you and I, who had the desire to transform their lives, and through this powerful Pranic Lifestyle, now enjoy blissful wellbeing and abundance in all areas of their lives!

Our speakers include us, Akahi and Camila (Ecuador and USA), Victor Truviano (Argentina), Audra Bear (USA), Elitom El-Amin (USA), Nicolas Pilartz (Italy), and Ray Maor (Israel). With them we have prepared free conferences and workshops with each teacher.