How to Become a Healer of the Light

Like you, Siempre quise ser sanador, o lo que llaman los chamanes de los Andes, un curandero. En mi viaje descubrí que un curandero es una persona que domina las artes curativas.. Un catalizador que con su presencia genera sanación; who has connected to and synchronized with the forces of nature ( Gaia, Pacha Mama ) and deeply knows its elementals language, and intelligence, and respectfully carries the Torch of Healing anywhere they go.

IN THIS WEBINAR, you will learn how you can start to develop your healing powers, and the most proven techniques that have improved the health and wellbeing of 99% of our clients and students, no matter what is your starting point as a healer, the breathing techniques I will show on the webinar will make you aware of the tremendous power within.

Also you will learn:

- How you can overcome your health issues with conscious breathing

The Scientific Research on Breatharian Healing Techniques

What it is Breatharian Healing and how to Benefit from it

Experience first-hand the power of a Breatharian Healing Session

Q&Una sesión to clarify all your thoughts and questions about energy healing.

By Akahi Ricardo and Camila Castillo

Founders of Breatharian Healing


  • Sábado, 12th January 2019, a 10:00 am PST
  • Login to webinar five minutes earlier
  • Length: 90 minutos
  • Time zone: Pacific Standard Time PST (US California)