Hosting the 8 Day Process* is a wonderful and enriching experience to connect with beautiful, highly-evolved human beings from all over the planet, to be a light worker enhancing the evolution of humanity, and to participate in all the teachings and events shared by Akahi, as well as receive an extra source of income.

Requirements: All host/organizers of 8 Day Process should be alumni of the 8DP, or have received at least one Superconscious Breathing session with Akahi**

Location it can be a House Hotel, B&B, Retreat Center, Healing Center, Events Center, with a larger meditation room for the breathing sessions, big enough to receive 20 people or more laying down in the floor in yoga mats. Ideally there are on site accommodation with single, double or group rooms for all attendants to sleep, with enough bathrooms for the group, also a living room or lounge. The location should have a Kitchen for our group to gather for juicing.

in the Kitchen: 2 or 3 Juicers/blenders ( or both ), also a water boiler for tea making.

Fruits: the event requires a nearby source of fruits like a market or store near by where we can order or purchase a variety of fruits, ideally organic fruits.

it is recommended for attendants to bring their own yoga mat.

Organizers Job is:

– to find the retreat location, arrange prices and verify that the location has all the requirements for the event and coordinate the lodging and distribution of the rooms.

– to be the contact person for the event, communicate politely via email or phone and provide participants with all information needed to have a wonderful 8DP* experience, including how to register and make their payment via the 8 Day Process website, how to arrive to the location of the event, share FAQ info sheet, etc.

– to help in the promotion of the event, such as creating flyers for distribution locally, creating a Facebook event page, and any other promotional activities that you recommend, based on your expert knowledge of the location community/culture.

– During the retreat itself, to acquire fruits for the juicing during the 8DP, and do whatever is appropriate to support participants in having the most nourishing, wonderful and memorable experience!

Organizers receive the 30% of the total final Profit (revenue – costs) of the event, as well as a space to participate in the 8 Day Process, and ongoing free or discounted access to a variety of Akahi & Camila Teachings and Events online and worldwide.

if you are interested in hosting the 8 Day Process and/or Akahi & Camila- Breatharian – Immortality – Enlightenment Seminars and Programs.

Please fill up and send the form below, to contact directly with Akahi*