NEW DOCUMENTARY featuring AKAhi*: Living off Energy, We are Energy - trailer

People start to appear almost next to us now who don’t need to accept solid food since the omnipresent energy of the Universe is totally enough for them to live on. Living without food is both unbelievable and inadmissible for a plenty of persons though. We do still know very little however about human potentialities. Long-standing protagonists of this way of nutrition in the world – Jasmuheen from Australia and Henri Monfort from France – are depicted in this movie which shows also a young couple stream from

Ricardo Akahi and Camila from Ecuador and United States that has given birth to two children under these circumstances already and two Czech women too who have been living like this for some two years. The film’s aim is to present the topic seen in a wide scope.

The Mystic Next Door: Interview with a Pranic Being - 2015

Japanese Television

Originally from Ecuador, Akahi Ricardo Salas has been a breatharian/pranic being for the last 8 years, and has been teaching workshops worldwide. Being an artist for many years, he experienced a 21 day process which opened the doors to the pranic consciousness. After various “visitations” from beings from other realms, he received a series of breathing techniques that bring about the pranic state, which he now teaches to the world. Akahi also helps to heal people with severe diseases in a clinic in Northern California.

The surprisingly extraordinary power of the breath*

To consciously breathe energy is the most powerful tool and resource that we can have. The breathe wisdom has been shared through many masters around the world in all the centuries, in yoga, in Chi Kung, there has been always the awareness of the breath,

AAE tv Pranic Living Akahi Ricardo and Ethan Foxx

In this episode of Awake And Empowered TV, Ethann Fox is joined by Breatharian Akahi Ricardo. Akahi shares his personal life journey that led to his current lifestyle living primarily on pranic energy with very little consumption of liquids or solid foods. He goes on to share stories of many of his students who have cured Cancer, Arthritis, and other illnesses through a breatharian practice. Ethann and Akahi also discuss the origins of the consumption of food and in particular meat, and how it relates to the current mainstream consciousness, as well as what he sees for the future of the human civilization. Other interesting topics include ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria, how breatharianism has effected his marriage to Camilla, and what it’s like to raise 2 children in a breatharian way of life.