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  1. How does the process work?Speaking of the technicalities, one first has to observe the number as the symbol of infinity. For those who are unaware, the symbol of infinity is the number 8 placed horizontally. Infinity is where the unknown possibilities lie. Possibilities of transformation, betterment and endless improvement! Not everything is fathomable by the humans and there is a lot that still calls for deeper understanding and involvement of the senses.

The entire process revolves around the existence of three circles that relate to alternating breathing patterns. These breathing patterns are associated with the alignment of the senses and uplifting of mental, emotional and spiritual spirits.

  • The first circle corresponds to the process of exhalation and should continue for a period of 3 journées. This involves rigorous exhalation and allowing oneself to fall into the silence of an empty mind, passions, corps et âme. Il est dans ce silence, vous trouverez votre vraie vocation, votre vrai sens de soi et comment embrasser la paix en vous-même et votre entourage. Un esprit vide ne signifie pas un sans aucune pensées. Un esprit vide se réfère à un esprit éclairé, celui qui est exempt de préjugés et est prêt à embrasser la positivité, la connaissance et le développement de la conscience.
  • The center point of the infinity symbol is where the processes of exhalation and inhalations see across connection. This is the stage of breathlessness. This is where you experience absolute numbness, for however small duration it may be for. This is where consciousness strikes your mind, corps et âme. This is the perfect junction of awakening to divine senses. It is where the true calling resonates with the sense of consciousness. In absolute silence and breathlessness lies the true picture of a perfectly balanced mind and soul. It is where your inner surroundings drive you towards a state of your own energy vortex. It is the cycle that goes around for two days
  • The third circle refers to the other half of the symbol. This circle corresponds to the absorption of all the cosmic positivity that you have been exposed to well into your system. This is the process to embrace the learnings and self-awareness you have been subjected to. Though, it is the last step, it is the most crucial one and undoubtedly the most defining one. Inhalation corresponds to the intake of all the positive information in your system and the seal it inside for the betterment and the possibility of a greater good for your own self. This cycle again goes on for another three days. Thus in total, all the cycles work for 8 days in totality.

These three circles symbolized by the infinity mark form the basis of the 8 day enlightenment process. As, we can very well see that the emphasis here is on the very basic process of breathing that involves exhalation, breathlessness and inhalation and when they fall into perfect sync is when the true state of consciousness id achieved.

Au cours de la 8 journées, Akahi will work towards making you aware of your own self and connecting you with a higher and refined form of energy. This process will lead you towards a profound Breatharian state. The process will bring in sync your mind, corps, emotions and expressions. All this happens through a combination of conscious breathing, balanced diet of fruits and vegetables along with fruit juices and blending in some fasting along with them. The whole idea is to keep the body light, balanced and focused. The whole practice will be associated with Super Sensorial Activation and imparting of Light affirmation. This is where you will be exposed to the light and information that the universe has chosen for you.

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