Akahi* 8 Day Process * 

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Dearest friends, Today I had a very exciting and great experience through the session of akahi that I listened to for the so many times: by visualizing the figure 8, the lemniscate, it became multi dimensional like a taurus/ donut and the energy become like what is shown in the movie Thrive, a field of free energy, the self-nurshing and self-sustaining energy field in and around my body !!! Wow i suddenly GOT IT ….Love you and so grateful,
Daphne, Netherlands

“From listening just to the first minute of the audio, I gained such enormous amounts of light ascendence and love and I cannot put in physical words, the love and appreciation I feel for your being for helping me on my path. *With deep eternal love!”
Achihod, Israel

About the channeling capacity of Akahi*

All the espiritual evolution of the last millenniums on Earth, all the thoughts of Jesus, the thoughts of Budha, the thoughts of Tesla, all those thoughts, all that information is stil here, *in the Air*  and my capacity is to quiet my mind through the breath and translate, make easy to integrate  that information into modern practical spirituality for the New Light Humanity*

When you experience Akahi* Breath Science every breath becomes a journey into the existence*

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