3 Day Breatharian Healing Training

Enroll NOW in the globally trending Breatharian Healer Certification is coming on April 10th.

Virtual Training is starting this Friday at 9 AM PDT – 6 PM Europe.

Experience and Learn the World’s Most Powerful Breathwork Techniques and Become a Certified Breathwork Healer

A life-changing full weekend event for Wellness Enthusiasts, Energy Healers, Conscious Breathers, Yogis, Light Workers and anyone with the desire to experience their highest healing capacity on Earth, to be perpetually connected to Source Energy” and professionally facilitate healing to individuals and groups.

The BH frequencies are a new energetic healing model. It is the result of twelve years of extraordinary healings with the most powerful Superconscious Healing Breathwork Techniques on Earth.

We’ve created the Breatharian Healing for you to experience your most wanted benefits, right now in your life!

Learn the world’s most proven and powerful Breathing Technique to professionally heal others and yourself;
Learn to CONNECT with a NEW and powerful Energy SOURCE;

Get enhanced Energy and VITALITY;
Learn to harness energy to live much longer (Life extension);

Detoxify Unhealthy Information from your Mind, Emotions, Body, and Soul, to become a clear conduit Healer;
Gain Deeper Connection and Self Love;
Boost Your Physical and Spiritual Energy while healing yourself and others, in-person and long-distance sessions.

Watch the video below and visit the official website.