General Questions re: 8-Day-Process

1) How should I prepare for the 8DP? Should I do any cleanses or fasting before coming to the 8DP? 美しい友人, we love for you to know that the 8DP is an amazingly gentle, joyous, and easy process! If you feel the inner calling to join us for this process, then please know that you are already ready! In essence, there is nothing you must do to prepare. Simply live your happy and joyful life!

Many past participants have been naturally guided to lighten up their food intake over the weeks or months before the 8DP. When we eat lighter, we find that the body also feels lighter and we can breathe better. It is a wonderful gift! Perhaps you might noticed that your body is happy to transition from 3 meals/day to 2 meals or just 1 meal/day. Or perhaps you feel drawn to eliminate alcohol, animal products or denser, heavier foods (if not already). Please allow your process to unfold naturally for you, without any rigidity or effort. You may find that as soon as you sign-up for the 8DP and tune in to this possibility, the body’s hungers seem to decrease naturally, and you prefer lighter foods or more live/raw foods, more liquids, less solids, など…. Just allow it to unfold effortlessly!

If you feel called to do some periodic fasting days, that can be wonderful also. Again, none of this is necessary, and there is simply no right or wrong wayjust allow your inner guidance to prepare you in whatever way you feel! If you feel called to do some cleansing, colonics, or healthy detox before your 8DP, it can be a loving gift for your bodyas are things like laughter, beautiful music, dancing, time in nature, regular yoga/qigong/meditation, any activities of joy and self-care! The 8DP is amazing in its eleganceit is a *complete* process in and of itselfgently purifying the body-mind-emotion-spirit in the way that is most perfect for you. So we invite you to simply enjoy life and know that you are already ready for your 8DP!

2) I have little/no experience with fasting and feel nervous about the recommended 3 days ofdry fasting” — is it mandatory? This is wonderful and important question. Please know that you are *always* free to customize the process in the way that is most perfect, harmonious, and loving for yourself!

The majority of past 8DP participants have done the recommended 3-daydry fastand found it to be a most magical and rewarding experience, and surprisingly easy with the support of the group and the *Conscious Breathing* sessions. It is a beautiful component of the 8DP which can deepen the power of the Conscious Breath in purifying, recalibrating, and attuning our body- mind-emotions-soul. At the same time, depending on individual circumstances, some participants have chosen to break up the consecutive dry days into three 1 day experiences, interspersed with water or juice days in between. Still others have chosen to replace thedrydays with water-only (food-free) 日. It is all very flexible, and Akahi is here to support you in choosing what is perfect for you.

So we invite everybody to follow inner guidance and know that the recommendation is only a template that has worked well for the majority of participants but is also highly customizable. You are always supported in creating your own perfect experience, from the place of pure love and gentleness, honoring your inner guidance at all times!

3) I already have a great deal of experience with fasting or food-free days, and would like to explore fasting for all 8 days during the 8DP — i.e. just water and dry fast days but no juice/fruitsis that ok?

Once again, はい, we do invite you to follow your inner guidance, and please consult Akahi so that he can support you in creating the most perfect, loving, and supportive experience possible. In the past, participants have modified and customized the fasting days in a variety of waysalways with the intention of creating the most kind, loving, and healthy experience for the body- mind-emotions-spirit.It is worth noting that, as part of the experience of recalibrating our relationship with food — the original template of the 8DP gifts us with a precious opportunity to explore the beautiful flavors from the new state of pure enjoyment and non-necessity within the experience of 8DP itself. By gently reintroducing small quantity of juices on Day 6-7-8, we have opportunity to stabilize this new relationship with the food and flavors — sharing together with the group, creating a new set of happy memories. This prepares us for a smooth, 簡単に, gentle re-integration back to the “outside” world. We can feel empowered to bring our new state of consciousnessthe state of joy*, fun*, freedom*, and non-necessity* into everyday social life. In this way we can harmonize with social situations around the food in a smooth, skillful, and loving way. This is an important aspect of the 8DP’s template that we invite you to consider as well.

4) I have a <insert health condition> . Will the 8DP heal my condition?

As we are sure you can understand, the 8DP does not make any medical claims, for obvious reasons of liability, and also because none of us can ever fully understand the perfection of the universe, or the divine timing of events and circumstances in our lives. With that said, we also recognize that the 8DP is a beautiful process of purification and alignment of body-mind-emotions-soul, an opportunity for each of us to drop deeply within to know ourselves more intimately, to love ourselves more fully than ever before. We have the opportunity to purify all levels of our being, and let go of any uncomfortable information which we no longer need for our highest good, allowing the love and prana to flow freely in our lives once again, returning to our natural state of joy and vibrant health! So as a side-effect of this beautiful alignment process, many participants have experienced profound healings and transformations on all levels. While there are no guarantees, it is wonderful to bring a pure and sincere intention to your process, to use the 8DP as opportunity to let go of any uncomfortable information or conditions that no longer serve, and allow the process to support you in recalibrating into your natural state of peace, health, joy, and harmony in all aspects of life!

5) After the 8DP, is it guaranteed that I will stop eating? or will I become liquidarian? or just drink water? Do you eat? how many calories a day would you eat if you eat anything? This is a popular question about the eating/not-eating, and so seems to be an important one to clarify. First, inviting all to recognize that 8DP is not a process to “stop eating”. So it is recommended not to come to the process with this as your primary intention. The 8DP is a profound alignment process for mind-body-emotion-soul, a chance to let go of uncomfortable information or limitations, to gently open ourselves to new possibilities and infinite gifts! When we focus our attention on the food aspect, we limit our perception of the countless other gifts the universe has in store for each of us, which may be far more important or significant! So to be clearthe 8DP is not a process to stop eating, but rather an opportunity to deepen the flow of love*, peace*, and joy* within our lives, へ (re)awaken our intimate relationship with the Prana*, returning to our most natural and harmonious state.

As a side-effect, many beings experience a dramatic decrease or complete disappearance of physical hunger. In a way, to be a breatharian andnot eatis also a kind of diet, a rigidity, whereas the Pranic Consciousness is a state of joy and freedom to choose what is most perfect, harmonious, and loving in each momentbreath by breath, moment by moment.

So from this consciousness, we can relate to *all* things, including the food, with pure joy and freedomto know that we can eat, and we can not eat. Yeswe have a choice now! We can choose to enjoy food in the state of pure delight and mindfulness, nolonger from the place of necessity or survival.

There are now thousands of us who have lived the 8DP by now — inviting you to explore Youtube videos online (on Akahi and Camila’s youtube channel), and see the tremendous diversity of beautiful testimonials and experiences shared by this growing world-wide pranic community!

6) Should I bring books, 読み物, music to listen to? musical instruments? art supplies? Please use your inner guidance regarding what to bring that is most harmonious for your process. It is generally recommended not to bring any books/reading materials, as even “spiritual” books can be limiting or distracting in this process. We invite you to gift yourself the full delicious experience of the inward journey and pure stillnessto get to know yourself more deeply and lovingly than ever before!

Enjoy your 8-day vacation from the world’s external distractions. Simply bring a blank journal to support you in exploring your own inner wisdom, 洞察, inspirations as they arise. If you would like to bring a musical instrumentyes please feel welcomed to bring! (though please note there will be designated silent areas, and at least ONE completely silent day). Please feel free to bring your own personal art supplies as well, should you feel to draw, journal, など. If you’d like to listen to music with headphones, please of course use your judgement in choosing music that is most uplifting, 治癒, and harmonious for your process!

7) What else should I bring? What kinds of clothing is appropriate? Will there be laundry machines? We invite you to pack lightly, bringing your favorite comfortable clothes for meditation, warm layers for changing weather. You may like to bring an extra pillow and extra blanket/sleeping bag for maximal comfort.

We recommend everybody to bring a yoga mat for laying down during our breathing sessions, perhaps a sleeping bag or blanket to stay warm during meditations, and any other items that you would like to ensure your comfort for laying down during our breathing sessions. あなたが光と音に敏感である場合, 最も安らかな隠れ家を持つで自分をサポートするために、耳栓とアイマスクをもたらしご検討ください.


– 快適な服 & 用下着 3-4 日, 天候を変更するための暖かい層を含む, (bathing suit and extra towel in case we decide to go to the beach one day 🙂 ) – 簡単に散歩/ハイキングのための快適なウォーキングシューズ.

– フリップフロップ/容易なスリップオンシューズ

– ヨガマット, 毛布や寝袋, 瞑想中に敷設する快適さのために他の項目. – アイマスク, 耳栓, 等, – トイレタリー (e.g. toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, shampoo, sunscreen, 等) a blank journal, pen/pencil, personal art supply. music with headphone if you like (or a musical instrument?) – pls note there will be designated silent areas, and at least one silent day. enough cash to cover any items you wish for us to purchase for you during the retreat

mobile phone is “off” during the 8days, but important for coordinating logistics before/after. any other items as your inner guidance dictates

most importantlyjust bring your beautiful selfwith open-heart, open-mindenjoy! if you’re missing anythingnot to worry, we can always find nearby for you.


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