3 Day Breatharian Healer Certification is coming on April 10th.

Enroll NOW in the globally trending Breatharian Healer Certification is coming on April 10th. Virtual Training is starting this Friday at 9 AM PDT - 6 PM Europe. Experience and Learn the World's Most Powerful Breathwork Techniques and Become a Certified Breathwork Healer A life-changing full weekend event for Wellness Enthusiasts, Energy Healers, Conscious Breathers, Yogis, Light Workers and [...]

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Akahi a breatharian that goes beyond the frontiers of the mInd – brain waves experiment

Akahi came to our Neurotherapy Center in Hilversum (the Netherlands) to find out if his brain waves measurably would change during the different kinds of meditations he uses. We carried out 5 minute QEEG (Quantitative Electro-EncephaloGram) measurements while he was meditating and then calculated average values for those 5 minute periods. [...]

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Akahi* 8 Day Process-Breathing Sessions* available now on MP3

Hi-Tech NeuroCellular Science - Pranic Technology - Deep Purification -  Etheric & Karmic Healing - Living on Light* Dearest friends, Today I had a very exciting and great experience through the session of akahi that I listened to for the so many times: by visualizing the figure 8, the lemniscate, it became multi dimensional [...]

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