Akahi 8 Day Breatharian Method | Mini Class

Akahi's fascinating and exciting approach to Pranic Living Practices and Initiations open and clear our energy fields and energy channels; induce greater currents and higher frequencies of subtle energy in our light bodies; cleanse and uplift

Physical Exercises

Practice this physical exercises of the Five Tibetan Rituals at any day or moment of your process and afterwards, it will help you circulate and ground your energy as well make your body strongher.

Frequent Questions

- How should I prepare for Akahi Breatharian Method?  The step one to prepare for your transition process is by watching the videos in the Before you start the process page with includes the techniques that you will use in the

Share your history

“I was dealing with a lot of stress from personal and professional problems. At times I felt like completely giving up. Life served no purpose and I was constantly questioning myself so as which path

8 Day Breatharian Process – before you start

Welcome to the amazing Akahi 8 Day Breatharian Method - Before you start the course, please watch this video! Get to know Akahi and his program’s Pranic Breathing sessions, experiencing something new and very powerful,

Akahi Breatharian Course Resources

We created a full set of resources for you, ready to login and access the most amazing Pranic Process of the World. Click in the page links for day-by-day instructions, schedule your one-on-one Energy Transfer with

Breatharian 8 Day Online Video Course – Day Eight

Hi yeeeeyyyyy, Day 8. Amazing! we made it. Check out the short instructions below this video and let's get started Watch it online or click here to download the video. Do it in the morning

8 Day Breatharian Process – Day Seven

Hi, Day 7. Wow! You are amazing, and the process everyday becomes more fun. Check out the short instructions below this video. Get your workbook and let's get started Watch it online or click here


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