Are you Ready for the 8 日处理, discover with me, how the process was created in the summer of 2009

Are you ready for the 8 日处理, discover with me, how the process was created in the summer of 2009, Camila and I have just moved back to Bolivia after getting married and undergoing the breatharian conversion in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

One day after working in the adobe house we were building and taking a bath in the river, I set to meditate and feel the prana flowing in my, and then I felt it like the thin air became thick and electric, my breath changed and a wave of energy blew over my crown chakra.

First I saw colors and geometries in my forehead while my breath was expanding more and more, and then the figure 8, the symbol of the infinite, connected to my breathing cycle, I stayed for a long time breathing enough to dive into the state of absolute connection with nature and pure soft bliss I found myself in and a question raised from my heart, How can I help others to feel this state, in a safer easy and short time? and then the channeling of the 8-day process occurred, when I returned home I felt to write the message I received on the river, and this was what it came in a way that was innocent and effortless.


The Alchemy of All Existing Pranic Processes on Earth.

该 8 天故意人类精神的饮食重编程, two breathing sessions each day, 早晨, and in the afternoon.

1st day, 调整身体*: 你允许自己吃你爱吃的水果,喝同样的水果,新鲜果汁在您选择的数量.

2nd day, 校准心灵*: 巧妙地使你自己喝非常流畅新鲜果汁, 到达一个点,你只喝水的,你在下午选择数量/夜晚.

3rd day, 调整情绪*: 放开一切轻盈,并允许存在*融入在干燥的空虚, 无果或液体会在这一天摄取, 或天 4 和 5.

4th and 5th days, 是*灵魂: 在静止能量,其中自我的二元变为尘埃, 在这里,你记得我们*的宇宙和作为结果的PRANIC意识持续一夜暴富, 在你自己的自然的方式, 容易和精确的为你, 这纯粹是生活经验.

6天时, 是*游玩- 情绪: 在这一天,从有意识的纯真的地方,你允许自己顺利的液体融入您目前, 在下午/晚上开始与水在早晨和新鲜果汁.

7天时, 是心灵*: 扩大你的看法和感觉,你允许自己喝您最喜爱的水果制成的果汁, 教你的身体从非必要性的摄取空间, 享受, 和快乐.

8天时, 是*机身: 在这一天的PRANIC意识主要表现在感觉, 神经元, 而细胞和整个存在*的休闲发生, 观察你的流程的好处, contemplating the expansion of your consciousness and understanding and living it physically from your cellular structure, 穿透并通过所有的机构和外缝合自己的人生. 在这一天,你会喝的你最喜欢的水果制成鲜榨果汁.

Internal Transmission by Akahi Ricardo Salas

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Together we will breathe into greatness!

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