Are you Ready for the 8 Day Process, discover with me, how the process was created in the summer of 2009

Are you ready for the 8 Day Process, discover with me, how the process was created in the summer of 2009, Camila and I have just moved back to Bolivia after getting married and undergoing the breatharian conversion in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

One day after working in the adobe house we were building and taking a bath in the river, I set to meditate and feel the prana flowing in my, and then I felt it like the thin air became thick and electric, my breath changed and a wave of energy blew over my crown chakra.

First I saw colors and geometries in my forehead while my breath was expanding more and more, and then the figure 8, the symbol of the infinite, connected to my breathing cycle, I stayed for a long time breathing enough to dive into the state of absolute connection with nature and pure soft bliss I found myself in and a question raised from my heart, How can I help others to feel this state, in a safer easy and short time? and then the channeling of the 8-day process occurred, when I returned home I felt to write the message I received on the river, and this was what it came in a way that was innocent and effortless.


The Alchemy of All Existing Pranic Processes on Earth.

The 8 Days intentional human-spiritual diet reprogramming, two breathing sessions each day, in the morning, and in the afternoon.

1st day, Aligning the Body*:  you permit yourself to eat your favorite fruits and drink fresh juices of the same fruits in the quantity that you choose.

2nd day, Aligning the Mind*:  subtly you permit yourself to drink very smooth fresh fruit juices, reaching a point in which you only drink water in the quantity you choose in the afternoon/evening.

3rd day, Aligning Emotions*:  let go of everything in lightness and permit the Being* to integrate into the emptiness in dry, no fruit or liquids will be ingested on this day, or days 4 and 5.

4th and 5th days, Be* Soul:  in the Still Energy where the duality of the ego turns to dust, here you remember Being* sustained by the Universe and as a consequence the Pranic Consciousness flourishes, at your own natural way, easy and precise for you, it is purely the lived experience.

6th day, Be* Recreation- Emotions: on this day from the place of conscious innocence you permit yourself to smoothly integrate liquids into your present, beginning with water in the morning and fresh fruit juice in the afternoon/evening.

7th day, Be* Mind: Expanding your perception and senses you permit yourself to drink juices made from your favorite fruits, teaching your body to ingest from the space of non-necessity, enjoyment, and pleasure.

8th day, Be* Body: on this day the Pranic Consciousness is manifested in the sensations, neurons, and cells and a recreation of the entire Being* occurs, observing the benefits of your process, contemplating the expansion of your consciousness and understanding and living it physically from your cellular structure, penetrating and going through all of your bodies and exteriorizing itself in life.  On this day you will drink fresh fruit juices made from your favorite fruits.

Internal Transmission by Akahi Ricardo Salas

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Together we will breathe into greatness!


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