Benefits of Akahi’s Pranic Breathing

  • Helps in detoxification
    Breathing exercises that function on controlled forms of inhalation and exhalation basically help in removing the various toxins in the body and help in detoxifying the body as a whole. The human body is highly dependent on breathing as a toxin release mechanism and as much as around seventy percent of it happens through the breathing process. These toxins must necessarily be exited from the body from time to time else they could be the cause of illness and ailments in the various body organs. The chief toxin removed from the body through the breathing is carbon dioxide which if remains in the blood stream can cause serious troubles. Co2 as it is commonly called is the most common toxic that finds its way outside the body through the process of exhalation.
  • Eases the mind
    Breathing is a natural stress buster and relieves the mind of unnecessary tension and helps in regaining composure and mental balance.
  • Improves the thought process
    Breathing immensely helps in attaining state of clarity and focuses our mind on the important things rather than wasting our energy on the unnecessary. Constant and rhythmical breathing brings in loads of oxygen in the body. We are all aware that oxygen is our major source of existence and a plentiful of it will serve better

purpose to the mind, body and soul. The process of oxygenation that happens through inhalation brings life to the different body cells and rejuvenates them to function with their best possible ability.

  • Keeps you young
    Breathing exercises are your ticket to being forever young. Since inhalation brings in oxygen to the body and the cells are replenished, the aging process slows down significantly and the production of anti-oxidants also reduces considerably. These anti- oxidants are primarily responsible for degeneration of the body cells and causing aging. Once, this is put under control, you are far from worrying about the effects of aging. More so, increased breathing controls the blood circulation in the body owing to which the skin is always youthful and radiant. Plus imagine the savings you made by not opting for expensive beauty products that do more harm than good. Breathing exercises bring beauty to your doorstep in the most natural and effective way without use of any chemicals or artificial substances thus helping to maintain beauty in its natural form.
  • Helps in controlling emotions
    Breathing brings you closer to your understanding of self and makes you aware of the senses working in your body. With regular breathing, you are better able to differentiate between the right and wrong emotion and this is where you become careful enough to let go of unwanted and disturbing emotions. You learn to be in control of your emotions and act out only when necessary. You eventually learn not to let small things affect you and you develop better judgement of situations.
  • The functionality of your organs increases
    As discussed previously, the process of inhalation brings in oxygen to the body which acts as fuel for the cells to ensure proper functioning.
  • Helps in muscle building
    The increased supply of oxygen to the brain through the process of oxygenation accentuates the muscle building activity in the body.
  • The blood quality improves
    Inhalation makes the blood rich in oxygen thus making it healthy and allowing better functioning of the organs in the body.
  • Improves the digestion system
    Breathing exercises improve the digestion system as a whole and allow better absorption of nutrients in the body. You become aware of the kind of food you eat and are more conscious of taking in good quality nutrients that help your body replenish and flourish.
  • Helps in cell repair
    Subjecting the body to good quality oxygen helps in cell repair which again reflects good health of the body and slows down aging.
  • Keeps depression at bay
    Breathing practices are also utilized to make a person conscious of his thought processes and helps him in keeping bad thoughts away.
  • Improves mood fluctuations and generates general interests Breathing exercises are largely capable of controlling fluctuating mood swings and helping people to keep peace with oneself and the surroundings. The nervous system comes in sync because of consistent breathing patterns thus allowing better consciousness and improved concentration levels.