1. Akahi on the benefits of Juice, Water and Dry Fasting

Juices are the best way to absorb concentrated nutrients in the body at a spur of the moment. There is no other way you can take up so many nutrients so quickly in the body. A juicing diet is basically combined with juice fasts where the aim is to clear the body of toxins and replenish it with essential nutrients to ensure the best health of the body. Mentioned below are some benefits of a juicing diet that helps in maintaining nutrient balance in the body.

  • Helps in removing dead cells from the body
  • Helps in bringing in nutrient balance
  • Helps in removal of trans fatty acids, chemicals and diseased cells from the body
  • Helps in removal of damaging drugs and pesticides from the body that enter the body stream through atmosphere and food
  • Helps in controlling the calorie intake in the body
  • Helps in controlling the levels of cholesterol in the body thuspreventing major heart disease
  • Clears the spleen, lungs and kidneys and ensures their proper functioning
  • Gives the digestive system a much needed rest mode for it constantly keepsworking to digest food
  • Improves self-awareness and the sense of differentiating between the right and wrong kinds of foods and also encouraging the body to adopt the good kinds
  • Increased physical and emotional sensitivity

A low calorie diet like juice diet is aimed at compelling you to go beyond your comfort zones and challenge your mental, emotional and physical strength. You hence tend to become increasingly aware of your mental, emotional and physical capabilities and act accordingly.

  • Improved energy levels
    With carefully managed juice diets one can observe increased strength and activity levels in the body. You tend to become positive about your body and hence energy levels reflect the noticeable change in your everyday life.
  • Reduces water retention
    Juices bring in a lot of water content with them hence they reduce the problem of water retention in the body. Constant supply of fluid in the body ensures timely excretion of water from the body through urine and sweat and hence problems of water retention and subsequent swelling of organs is not noticed.
  • Heals chronic diseases
    Fruit juices have nutrients that are capable of keeping away diseases and also curing some of the chronic diseases which are otherwise undetectable. The nutrients in the fruit juices flush out the bacteria and viruses causing the disease and help in curing the disease at the earliest sometimes with a combination of specific medication.
  • Helps in naturally reducing weight
    Juice diets are very low calorie diets and when practiced on regular intervals with a combination light exercises, breathing exercises and yoga, they result in substantial weight loss.
  • Help in revitalizing organs
    Juice diets are the best way to revitalize the organs and maintain their functionality in the best forms

• Help in reducing inflammation in the body and different body organs

Juices of fruits have anti-inflammatory properties that cure and keep away the occurrence of inflammation in the body. Hence, they should be taken up on regular basis.

Benefits of water intake

  • It controls the fluid balance in the body. Our body is about 70 percent water and hence it is necessary to make sure we give it back its major constituent. Along with maintaining proper fluidity in the body, it also helps to transport essential nutrients to different body organs enabling them to function properly. Water is the only source that can ensure that all essential nutrients are transported well in place allowing the body to work without any discrepancies.
  • Calorie control
    Intake of enough water satiates your thirst as well as keeps you off from eating extra food that amount to unrequired calories. Calorie control comes automatically with large intakes of water. You also begin to appreciate the good quality foods and keep yourself off junk.
  • Replenishes the minerals in the body
    Water is a natural source of essential minerals and hence good intake of it maintains the levels of the nutrients coming in from variety of minerals.
  • Aids digestion
    Water is very essential to support the digestion process in the body and also for absorption of nutrients in our systems.
  • Keeps depression away
    Like breathing exercises, proper intake of water is crucial to keep anxiety and depression at bay. It maintains adequate supply of blood in all parts of the body, thus keeping off any possibility of abnormalities in the body.
  • Flushes off the toxins
    Water is the best medium through which toxins are flushed from the system through sweat and urine. Flushing off the toxins also makes the skin clearer and the complexion uniform thus adding grace to your natural beauty. Just make sure add about eight glasses of water in your daily diet.
  • Increases your productivity
    Proper intake of water will ensure overall increase in your productivity and will help you to concentrate better on your tasks.
  • Increases focus
    Water intake also increases focus in everyday activities and makes a person feel good about him-self. When your mind, body and soul are in sync is when you can truly call yourself to be in a perfect state of mind.
    Hence, it is vital to understand the importance of adequate water intake in the body and also how it improves our day to day activities at a physical and mental level.Dry Fasting

    Along with obvious health benefits, dry fasting is primarily associated with gaining spiritual and mental strength. Here is how dry fasting helps you evolve as a better and self-controlled person.

• Dry fasting is the ultimate test of your mental strength, endurance and self-control.

  • Dry fasting helps you to focus on your goals apart from the normal goals of eating, sleeping and merely existing.
  • Dry fasting challenges you to give up your comfort zone and look for something greater beyond those boundaries.
  • Dry fasting aims at making you realize the true energy hidden in yourself and utilizing it to make your existence meaningful.
  • It is also responsible to take you far ahead of the idea on necessities and focus only on the important aspects of life.
  • Dry fasting teaches you to appreciate even the smallest things in life since here, even less is more, as a person is constantly moving towards self-actualization and awakening of the mind body and soul.
  • It instills the spirit of determination and allows you to push yourself beyond your boundaries.
  • It reinstates your faith in yourself and your surroundings and is the true test of your spiritually conscious awakening.Thus, you saw how a combination breathing exercises, juices, dry fasting and plentiful of water intake can help you gain the balance in your body. This balance is does not come in a day or few weeks but needs constant practice and observation and repetition exercise and diet patterns to achieve the maximum benefit out of these. The combination of these is the true form of endurance test and will push you out of your boundaries to find the better you. When done with the complete heart and mind, this process can be a life changing one, this is where you can knock the doorstep of attaining true consciousness of self and be appreciative of your

surroundings and be in sync with your mind, body and soul. This will often be a soul stirring incidence in which you will completely transformed and where you will be amazed to find out your own capability and how far you can go with all the mental, emotional and spiritual strength. This is where comes in the true calling. This is time where you connect with the ever expanding universe and find true meaning of your existence and the element of consciousness associated with it.