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Akahi’s fascinating and exciting approach to Pranic Living Practices and Initiations open and clear our energy fields and energy channels; induce greater currents and higher frequencies of subtle energy in our light bodies; cleanse and uplift our emotional and mental states; and improve the health and functioning of our organs and tissues.

Welcome to Akahi’s amazing 8 Day Breatharian Method | Mini Class

The benefits of the program have been researched and proven by many doctors around the world, regardless of if you are just recently aware of energetic nourishment or if you are an expert in holistic living.

Pranic Living and Breatharianism is rapidly growing in awareness around the world, and now you have access to the process that initiated the now trending food freedom movement.

*Get ready to discover a new way of energetic nourishment and to feel the expansion of your consciousness for integral health and well-being. This method is designed for people of all ages, body types, and cultures.

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Wow! I just did the intro video and followed along! It is absolutely amazing! Thank you Akahi, I really looked forward to doing the 8DP. Yummy is all I can say to describe the feeling of bliss and joy and happiness I have felt from just doing the intro stuff! I can now only imagine how much deeper this 8DP will take me! Yes!!!!

David M.



Akahi Breatharian Method – Mini Class in an introduction to the world famous  8-Day Process now available as Online Video Course, as you watch this video! You will get to know Akahi and his program’s Pranic Breatharian Techniques, experiencing first hand, a new and intelligent source for energy nourishment, while connecting with the power of nature and the Air.

This video contains quick and comprehensive techniques to consciously increase the amount of life force energy in your body, mind, emotions, and soul. By practicing these sessions before officially beginning the 8 Day Process you are stimulating the energy system of your body, and this will make the 8DP even easier.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced practitioner in the pranic movement, I have customized the process to awaken your inner source power effortlessly.

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Please share your experiences so everyone can learn from you. Because of this an international course, please try to ask your questions and leave your comments in English. If you have a technical question/issue, please check out our helpdesk.

You are ready to go! Go for it!


Ricardo Akahi’s mission is to drive people towards consciousness and self-healing using the power of conscious breathing. He emphasizes on the power of breathing to accentuate physical healing, self-love, happiness and consciousness. His aim is to educate and inspire humanity towards the common goal of peaceful and meaningful existence. According to him, consciousness is the primary goal we all should strive to achieve. For that, our senses must be in sync and our, minds, body and souls should communicate with each other consistently. The most effective and appreciated way to do is to realize the power of breathing, a basic function we all do not generally take into account. Standing by his motto of Heal, Nourish and Live on Light, Akahi is revolutionizing the concept of consciousness across the world, transforming perceptions and changing people’s lives for the better and the best. His ‘Bretharian Lifestyle’ has been adopted by thousands around the world.

The groundbreaking 8 Day BreatharianProcess that works on various techniques and breathing practices to generate consciousness of mind, body and soul. The program has already made its mark in 23 countries including Netherlands, China, Poland, UK, Bolivia, France, Croatia, Peru, Israel and the United States and aims to educate thousands of others in different parts of the world.

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