The Breatharian Lifestyle

Use the Pranic Breathing Techniques, The Pranic Frequencies and the Affirmations everyday after you finish the 8 Day Process to maintain the strong flow of energy, until when you feel that has become completely part of you. Enjoy your new life as a Pranic Conscious Being.

Here are the Videos of all the 4 Techniques for you to use them whenever you feel to strength your connection with yourself and the Prana, practice them for 2 months to master it and then take it to your own level.

视频 1: Energizing the 4 Bodies: Mental, Emotional, 物理, Spiritual.

The breath is the most powerful tool to use. create time in you schedule to put in practice the breathing technics you learn every day 15 以 30 minutes of your time to be in the Pranic State. Pranic Conscious Breathing combining with the Pranic Frequencies with the hands.

视频 2: Infinit8 Energy BreathingRecharge your Body with Prana

无限PRANIC呼吸 10 分钟, circular breathing visualizing the 8 infinite and accelerating the flow of energy, 加速呼吸​​周期节奏, 然后停止呼吸, for your body to store the increased energy.

视频 3: The Pranic FrequenciesChanneling Energy with our hands.

深吸呼吸,感知能量在你的右手,然后在左手, 着眼于不同的感觉,并与它们, 它的组合发挥与PRANIC呼吸, 然后就放松下来,进入它,让它愈合和滋养你的存在.

视频 4: Practicing Affirmations of Wellbeing to Empower your Life.

Use the Powerful Affirmations to transmute and bless any kind of food or liquids you eat into light food for your body, learn to create your own new affirmations with empowering information that make you feel healthy and connected to your inner power.

Top 3 recommendations for Breatharian/Pranic Integration to daily life

Instructions and Practices for after the 8 日处理

-The Integration of the process is very easy and effortless into your daily life and activities, Though you will recognize that you have take a real advanced step in your human evolution and that not everyone will understand your advanced perception of reality, 所以要耐心与生命可能不理解你的意识的膨胀, 不惩罚他们. 要知道,他们是在自己的进程, 而你是在自己的过程.

You don’t need to take care of your process because the process takes care of itself.

-随意过的生活创作, 记住,你是在与宇宙的永久通信每一次呼吸你拿, 每虽然您创建, 与每一个用心你有. 利用你的创造力, 调整你的意图和头脑清晰. 你可以有, 做或者是, 任何你想要的, 放的能量在运动. Embrace and accept completely your self as a creator of your reality.

-请注意,转换是每一个是不同的,只允许进程继续在发展方式这是最适合你, 在你自己的时间. 信任你的身体的智慧将引导你.

-如果全面整合时期到你的日常生活和活动, a different or unpleasant situation arises, then is a perfect time to use the the breathing techniques you have learned to relax you and calm your mind, 和情感, to be able to think with clarity and make good decisions.

-Download and use the Mp3 Audios of the Breathing sessions of the process. 在你自己的方式,继续深化到呼吸的科学实践他们.

与食品的新关系: Food Pattern Free.

Akahi Breatharian Method is intended to teach people to nourish their bodies with natures energy and become food free, to balance the amount of physical and spiritual food your Being needs in a organic way that is healthy and evolutionary.

Akahi Breatharian Method participants effortless eat 80%less of what the use to, they only eat for pleasure or social events.

Akahi encourage each participant to listen to their own body intelligence that will guide them to create perfect equilibrium between the physical and spiritual nourishment.

Nothing can stop the process, the process takes care of itself.

If after the process you feel to eat please do it you will notice that you only can eat just a little bit and very pleasantly.

Some day or here and then maybe you will want to eat, if so, do it like if this is for the first time that you eat, allow for the renewed innocence and begin with the most natural and fresh foods, 如水果和沙拉, lighter soups are easy to digest.

同时利用肯定的意识, 祝福,在你吃的果汁或食品共享正面信息. 在相同的方式,我们在这个过程中做到了.

该 8 Day Process does amazing transformation in organs and systems of the body.

因为练意识PRANIC呼吸和微妙的节能意识时超光能量流经身体, 你会觉得​​通过激励了整整一天, 而一直只喝果汁水样便或水样冰沙.

吃了PRANIC是最好的时刻后,活动当天有光洁度, 而这通常是在傍晚或夜间.

As you notices in this maintenance content we are balancing the spiritual nourishment with the physical nourishment satisfying all aspects of our being.

咨询 ( 沉重在消化系统的感觉可以是你的处理之后吃症状在第一时间, 是因为身体利用能量来消化, 这是正常的, 让后,您的身体休息 10 minutes that you body has finish consumption of food practice the breathing technique and your energy will be back into place )

视频 5: Sun Breathing the Yoga of the Spirit.

Sun Breathing by AkahiThe Yoga of the Spirit

Integrates the Light of the Sun and the Pranic Breathing.

To be practice it in the early sunrise and in the earlier sunset, you will access the Pranic State, 你越是深入到光的详细信息,您将收到, the Alpha Brain Waves and the Inner Light goes higher. 培育整个灯体, 并延伸入身体, 在脑海中, 情感和灵魂.