Hi, amazing being, Thanks for visiting my website, If you are ready for a new state in your evolution or looking for a new experience that takes you beyond the conceived limits of the mind and society, you are in the right place. Discover a new and higher state of consciousness that leads to physical and spiritual transformation and healing.

Since 2003, when I felt the calling to free myself from the routine of society and family and decide to embark to South America on my journey of spiritual awakening and evolution of the consciousness, I had the privilege to stay for longer time visiting and living on different energetic vortexes and sacred places like Machu Pichu in Peru, Lake Titi Kaka islands and Tiahuanaco in Bolivia while meeting different teachers and shamans to learn and practice different spiritual paths.

I became connected with natures elements and energies and learned the preparation of medicinal plants as well to guide the powerful ceremonies of the Sweat Lodge, Ayahuasca, and San Pedro cactus. In 2007 while teaching art to kids and leading shamanic healing ceremonies in a very special town in Bolivia that I came to know about the 21 日PRANIC过程 that includes fasting and people nourishing on natures energy or Prana, after meditating and reasoning, it became so obvious to me that we as humans can absorb natures energy and use it as food and that was my next step in my evolution, after six months of dedicated preparation, decided to undergo the process to purify my energy systems as well to experienced in my own self and learn how to absorb energy to nourish my spirit and body, after three years of personal development channeling Prana energy, I began to teach and the interest from people grow and guided me to create the Pranic nourishment techniques into the now world famous 8 Day Process© that is the alchemy of all the Pranic processes available on planet earth.

Broadcasted on radio and TV. Akahi’s 8DP© Energy Feeding Programs and The Pranic Fast™ are worldwide famous for the extraordinary benefits. His techniques have been researched and approved by doctors and healers around the world.

里卡多Akahi on Supreme Master Television 2010

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Akahi萨拉斯和他的妻子卡米拉卡斯蒂略出现在李楼锤多汁的生活之旅* 2012



当您在喘不过气来输入你进入无限的可能性空间, 宇宙呼吸你, 你还记得生命的气息* Akahi * 意识到,地球上的最后一个千年的全部精神教义, 包括所有的心思更大科学家, 艺术家, 哲学家, 和精神大师, 这已经在地球, 像佛类的想法, 特斯拉的想法, 甘地*耶稣的思想在许多其他, 已培育和陪人的存在所有这些启发性的见解, 所有的信息是还在这里!, 在大气中的可用, *中航*,他发现他是通过呼吸安静了主意,翻译能力, 整顿和完善现有的资料在宇宙*的大气能量场,以治疗*的新频率融入的社会 21 世纪* 当您遇到Akahi *通用一口气能源*每呼吸一次成为治愈之旅的存在* nviting宇宙的健康,满足您生活的方方面面. 呼吸过程温和的过程,重回幸福和流动性的自然状态的生活. 回到合一与生活和创作的通用来源, 享受无限possibilites的空间,你的存在〜健康, 爱, 繁荣, 和创造的一切令人惊叹的方式将供您.

8 <跨度bbox_x =“478”bbox_y =“293”bbox_w =“130”bbox_h =“27”FSIZE =“18”fweight =“3”红色=“51”绿色=“51”蓝=“51”阿尔法=“ 255“> DAY PROCESS * 世界各地.

美国 – 法国 – 荷兰 – 克罗地亚 – 丹麦 – 瑞士 – 联合王国 – 瑞典 – 厄瓜多尔 – 秘鲁 – 玻利维亚 – 以色列 – 德国

Akahi里卡多新的超级治疗程序 - 真正的见证

神秘的隔壁 - 专访

最初从厄瓜多尔, Akahi里卡多萨拉斯已经breatharian / PRANIC是在过去的 8 岁月, 并先后任教车间世界范围. 作为一个艺术家多年, 他经历了一个 21 由此拉开了大门向PRANIC意识当天流程. 经过各种 “探访” 从其他领域众生, 他接受了一系列的呼吸技巧,带来了PRANIC状态, 他现在教给世界. Akahi也有助于医治患有严重的疾病在北加州一家诊所.

生活宽裕能源, 我们是能源 - 拖车 - 新纪录片

里卡多Akahi和卡米拉来自厄瓜多尔和美国 在这种情况下已经和两名捷克妇女们谁一直这样生活了一段两年已经生了两个孩子. 这部电影的目的是介绍出现在一个范围很广的话题.


人们开始出现,几乎在我们旁边,现在谁也不需要接受固体食物,因为宇宙中无处不在的能量是完全够他们生活. 生活没有食既令人难以置信,不予受理了大量的人,虽然. 我们还知道但是对人类的潜力很小. 长期坚持这种方式的营养在世界的主角 - Jasmuheen来自澳大利亚和亨利·蒙福特法国 - 在这部电影中描绘这也显示了一对年轻夫妇 从流