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Discover the World-famous and scientifically-proven benefits of

Akahi 8 Day Energetic Nourishment Method

Akahi Ricardo is the world authority on Pranic Nourishment and Breatharianism with 15 years of personal experience, The 8 Day Process has been taken by more than five thousand people in 25+ countries around the world. His Energy Feeding workshops and 8 Day Pranic Breatharian Method will open your understanding to a newly developed and comprehensive way of energetic nourishment. It is a platform to bring together logical minded and spiritual minded people from all over the world to experience the evolution of consciousness and the complete regeneration of their bodies and bio-energy systems.




Akahi’s specialized breathing techniques will make you aware of tremendous healing potential hidden in the body, you will gain a higher amount of oxygen and energy that will enhance your life with endless benefits: more energy, reduced stress levels, and an augmented immune response that swiftly deals with pathogens.

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The second pillar of Akahi’s Method is Fasting. Science continues proving its countless benefits, and by combining conscious breathing and gradual, monitored fasting, your body will heal any chronic disease by cleansing itself of deep core layers of toxicity and get rid of any unhealthy energy stored in your mind, emotions, and soul.

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Akahi Method connects you with a new and powerful Source of highly evolved universal frequencies of energy that interact with the body towards health and expanded consciousness. It enhances the ability to heal ourselves and enlighten the lives of others. Recognized by today’s science as Quantum Energy, it comprises of an organized spectrum of light and intelligence that upgrades our energy systems.

Scientifically Proven

The Most Amazing Experience of Your Life*

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Step-by-step video course to become a higher version of yourself.
Akahi Breatharian Method Video Course

This Is What You Get With Akahi Breatharian Method

 *Step-by-step Akahi Breatharian Method video course taught in person by Akahi*

*Becoming Breatharian Book with guidelines to track your amazing healing and transformation.

*Life Time Access. learn, and experience the benefits of the program at your own pace.

*Available on all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop computers). Access the training anywhere!

*Exclusive access to Akahi Breatharian Method Facebook Community. Ask questions, share your experiences or just hang out with like-minded people.

Pranic Breathing Techniques

Breatharian Akahi video course


+16 Step-by-step Powerful Videos

9 Years of Akahi Experience

Never seen footage of Akahi

Breatharian Akahi video course

Including how to channel energy through your hands

Breatharian Akahi video course

Accompanying You Everyday with Amazing Lectures

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Discover Akahi Breatharian Method

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  •  Sleep Like a Baby

  •  Reduce Inflammation

  •  Boundless Energy Levels

  •  Mood Improvement

  •  Recover Faster

  •  Burn Fat and  deep Layers of Toxins

  • Align with your True Potential

  • Experience Higher Consciousness

  • Become Sickness Free

Discover Step-by-step The Amazing Health And Higher Consciousness Secrets Of Akahi Breatharian Method

Bonus Features:

Breatharian Akahi Facebook group

Exclusive access to our Facebook Group

  • Hang out with like minded people

  • Learn from other experienced people using the Akahi Breatharian Method

  • Ask questions, share your experiences

  • Be Part of the Akahi Breatharian Method Community.

Breatharian Meditations MP3

Bonus: MP3 Breatharian Meditations by Akahi

  • Discover and be transformed by the amazing healing secrets of Akahi Breatharian Method

  • For anyone interested in overcoming challenges, both inner and outer, even including overcoming perceived limitations of science! 

  • And for yogis who want to develop powerful meditation techniques for increased health, vitality, and bliss.

Discover Akahi’s amazing and inspiring story of human and spiritual evolution in his book’s latest edition

This book will lead you to discover the true power within you and the Source that is your nature*

Akahi's New eBook - Returning to Light

Free Download

Watch the New Documentary Trailer

Connect with Your Inner Source of Energy

What this is NOT for...

1. This content is NOT to encourage anyone to stop eating.

2. Not to promote any “food path” or diet.

3. Do Not to replace the professional health care of a doctor.


Akahi Tour 2018

All events prices include the 8 Day Process plus accommodation, organic fruits, vegetables and fresh juices.

Reserve your place now and get the Early Registration Discount.

An extraordinary process to reveal your mastery, in the most exciting time in the history of the evolution of humanity.



Higher Consciousness for health and happiness

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Akahi Pranic Living Method - Ancient knowledge


For years my focus has been to help people in healing and evolution of consciousness, since the time I was blessed as a spiritual guide by Bolivian Shaman Master Rufino Paxi at the Solar Door in the temple of Tihuanaku, to those days where I did the 21 days no food no water initiation to nourish my body in Cosmic Light and then teaching the alchemy of the techniques I have learned and developed, I have been able to share and benefit so many people.

I have developed an exciting approach to Pranic Living Practices and Initiations that open and clear our energy fields and energy channels, and induce greater currents and higher frequencies of subtle energy in our light bodies. As a result, our emotional and mental states are cleansed and uplifted, and the health and functioning of our organs and tissues improve.

The 8 Day Pranic Method will open your understanding to a newly developed and comprehensive way of energetic nourishment. It is a platform to bring together logical and spiritual minded people from all over the world to experience the evolution of consciousness and the complete regeneration of their bodies and bio-energy systems.

This powerful method is revolutionizing the concept of consciousness across the world, transforming perceptions and changing lives for the better. This video course will take you across the groundbreaking state of food-freedom and energetic nourishment through the world famous Akahi 8 Day Pranic Breatharian Method.


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