• Breatharian Proces with Akahi in Ireland 2017

8 Day Process – Ireland, July 21 to 28, 2017

$ 1,250.00 $ 997.00

Early registration discount ends on April 28th, 2107
Price includes accommodation and fresh organic fruits and juices.
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Product Description

Phone: 085 103 1578

Akahi 8 Day Breatharian Method will open your understanding to a newly developed intelligent way of Light and Energy. It is a platform to bring together like-minded people from all over the world to come experience the evolution of consciousness and complete transformation of their thought processes and how to listen to their real selves. This program is aimed to make people go beyond their dependency on food as a source of life and utilize their inner energy to fuel their existence. This program will take beyond the mystic universal energies for nourishment, energy, and information.

  • Boundless Energy Levels
    Mood Improvement
    Recover Faster
    Burn Fat and deep Layers of Toxins
    Align with your True Potential
    Experience Higher Consciousness
    Become Sickness Free
    Sleep Like a Baby
    Reduce Inflammation
  • Hang out with like minded people
    Learn from other experienced people using the Akahi Breatharian Method
    Ask questions, share your experiences
    Be Part of the Akahi Breatharian Method Community.
  • Discover and be transformed by the amazing healing secrets of Akahi Breatharian Method
    For anyone interested in overcoming challenges, both inner and outer, even including overcoming perceived limitations of science!
    And for yogis who want to develop powerful meditation techniques for increased health, vitality, and bliss.REMEMBER YOUR NATURAL AND ETERNAL CONNECTION WITH THE COSMIC SOURCE OF ENERGY*
    Beautiful friends – Join Akahi & Camila for the legendary *8 DAY PROCESS* International Pranic Retreat In-person taking place in Ireland for 2017.

Mind Expanding ~ Super Conscious ~ Life Changing Retreat ~ Sacred Opportunity to Upgrade your life into true Mastery* and Infinite Possibilities*

The 8DP retreat is for all of us who feel called to embrace the new quantum leap in human consciousness, the permanent connectedness with the Pranic Source of Nourishment and Energy.

During this beautiful 8-Day Retreat, you will receive a perfect sequence of Super Conscious Pranic Breathing sessions and Extrasensory Energy Transmissions a powerful new inner science guided by AKAhI (and CAMILA too!), exploring simple & potent tools for Pranic Living, and accompanied by a recommended plan with your favorite fruits or veggies, juices, and 3-day water fast. (3 days dry fast optional) In between workshops/sessions there remains a lot of free time to allow the participants to experience and understand the evolving Self through this amazing spiritual process.

To support you in having the perfect experience, we are staying at a gorgeous retreat site surrounded by nature and serenity, with Akahi, Camila, and other program participants.

We invite you to plan ahead to eliminate distractions during these powerful and sacred eight days (e.g. unhook from a phone, email, the internet, reading materials), allowing a deep focus within, in silence, in peace, in stillness.

Akahi* nine years in the non-necessity of food, interview in radio and TV, the inner science of self nourishment that has regenerate his entire body, and thousands of people, traveling the world accompanying the evolution of humanity.

Real Empowering Tools from a True Pranic BreathAirian Master, together with you and wonderful like-minded people from around the world in a unique 8DP* enlightening, healing and transformative experience.

Plus the capacity to not need food or physical sources of energy, renowned scientists and researchers around the world are observing a Restructuring of damaged DNA, Optimize the amount of oxygen and life force in the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body for the control over the autonomous nervous system, and to enhance your immune system for immediate and everlasting healing and prevention of chronic diseases, obtaining mental clarity and concentration as a consequence of a higher intelligence of love and well-being.

Have no fear with regards to the dry fasting (this is optional), the process is body friendly and will adapt to you.

There are no special preparations that need to be done before starting the process but some basic instructions will be sent by email a month before the process begins. Some of the participants decide to change their diet to something “lighter” before the process which assists in the first part of the process but is not mandatory.


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