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8 Day Pranic Process : Dominik shares his testimony !

Akahi sharing the 8 Day Process in Sedona, Arizona.

participant from France in Ecuador*

the most wonderful testimonials and experiences of healing and Happiness*

Dvine conected to the divine amazing, inspirational, beautiful, anything that you can dream on, thank you, is fantastic.
–Paul (England)

Is very deep process of transformation, you detached from a lot unnecessary and you unite with what is real and loving and truth , wisdom, is a beautiful process.
–Julia (Russia)

Come back to the love that we are, i remember now what our truth escense is.
–Maria (USA)

He florecido me he reencontrado con todo el amor de la fuente que ha venido a mi.
–Leo (Canary Islands):

Testimonial from 8DP* Via Skype, May 2014.

Dear people,

we want to let you know how we are doing, now we made the change to live from breath and love. The 8 day process started on Saturday the 17th of May and ended on Saturday the 24th of May. It has been a very inspiring week.

At first we stopped eating and drinking, after it we didn’t eat or drink on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. All of us totally didn’t miss eating at all. Very special to experience. Drinking we missed more, only actually because we had a dry mouth.

The special thing was we had our own group via Google hangout, two people from the United States, one from Canada and we. Akahi, who accompanied it, was in Ecuador. Incredible how we could talk with each other.

2 times 2 hours a day there was a session with breathing, love and joy. We all started to take a new path. Akahi and his wife Camila who is to give birth to her 2nd child went before us 6 years ago with a 21 day process of 7 days not eating and drinking and 14 days of drinking water and juices. That process is shortened now and what they didn’t have by then, we got now. Akahi could accompany us to shift borders to be able to create a whole new life from there on.

We are independent of eating and drinking now and since Thursday the 22nd we started to drink again. We got a  beautiful affirmation every day, a text for every day on which Leonoor made a melody and sung the next morning for the group (for us 5 pm). Jeannette drew the musical notes of almost all affirmations with splendid colours. Leonoor made one affirmation 4-part and we sung it twice, it sounded wonderful.

The music certainly contributed to the beautiful atmosphere.

On Thursday we had a lovely session from Camila, incredible what a rest she brings in, that really makes a big impression on us. Especially the fact that two people of 28 and 33 years do this is very inspiring. On Friday Akahi explained how he can heal and cure people with his hands and that he already experienced very special things. Het took us along in that and showed us how we can do that ourselves too.

Marthe made a beautiful drawing the last day.

The breathing sessions are very intense, profound and inspiring. It changed us deeply. We sat and laid down a lot in the garden. We are super happy with our garden so in the middle of the city, a quiet place for ourselves!

Sunday the 25th of May we did our shopping for the first time on our bikes. Everything feels new, the breathing, the bustle in the city feels less busy. We smell more, colours are more bright.

Because of eating and drinking is brought back to a small part in your life, there comes more space for a different (more bright) consciousness, your other senses and also your feeling and intuition get more space. Food you don’t need to digest any more, feels like an enormous liberation. The four of us all feel that we are more able to be/become ourselves. We don’t know yet what it’s going to bring us, but we do feel our life isn’t the same anymore as it was before the 8 days. Integrating this profound experience will take time. We also do take time. We already decided to do ‘nothing’ for a year, but now it appears that gave space to go through this experience. Also very special to be able and to be allowed to do this with our four. 

You became independent of food, you can choose yourself whether you eat or drink, you don’t need it anymore. The ability to heal we can also put into practise on each other, we can gain very much experience in that the coming time. When I gave Marthe energy today with my hands, incredible many images, colours, came up to her and everywhere she felt flowing it and warmth. This is only the beginning of exploring and gaining experiences. We all were totally ready for this. Making music in a new way, eating on the background and very much space for developing your intuition, your feeling, being engaged with healing, making connection with a bigger whole and experiencing Love.

Not eating makes all feelings more clear, when you are tired it’s a matter of breathing more consciously, take a rest (get up to date). But then you have energy again and you can continue. Art first we need to get stronger of course, but we already have the feeling we rather have more than less energy.

With love,

Leonoor, Marthe, Erik, Jeannette

2014 Holland*

Dear Akaih,

How are you?
I felt the need to thank you.
Your course, so through your facilitation, I was able to give myself the greatest gift ever.
I Feel deep love for myself. Not a trick. Acceptation and forgiving and love.
This changes everything. Loving others is even different then before.
My pshysical state also has changed. My hart is beating much slower than before.
I feel relaxed en my acts are slower. I think more the way we are supposed to be.
Thank you verry much for giving me such a present!
Lots of love,


Events in Ecuador*

The Process, was very deep for me, really healing; and it all began when Akahi and Cami got into town, and from the first moment it made me think-wow what´s this? In the beginning I had a lot of resistance and not so much faith, like a lot of resistance to believe. Although I knew all of this in theory, I still didn´t believe it in my heart. But then Beli and Gil came back from the process so transformed, and when they were in the process I was feeling very introspective, like I was feeling everything that they were living really internally. And that´s when I started feeling it for me, when they came back it was so incredible to see them, and it started to get stronger, until one day Maria and I talked about it and we met up with you guys, Cami and Akahi, and you told us that the doors were open for us. When they left Maria and I looked at each other and said –yes, let´s do it! The Process was beautiful, and very healing. At the end, in the final circle on the 3rd day—they´re 3 days of breathings, what I shared with the group was that it´s always been my dream to vibe in Unconditional Love. My life´s dream is for humanity to unite in love, and I´m starting to live it here with my brothers and sisters in Ecuador. So, I´m really thankful…And I recommend it! Jajaja One may enter not so convinced and they come out completely convinced…Jaja. So really, much luck and much love. We can vibe in Unconditional Love, it´s possible. thank you*


I´m Guillermo, I did the proceso in another moment, a little earlier, a little less than a month ago, and it changed a lot of things, a lot of things. For me it was really strong, a really big liberation, really strong. A lot of fear, that I had that I didn´t know I had, traumas that had been with me without me being conscious of them—it was a liberation from a lot of things. It changed everything, my posture, the way I carry myself, my relationship with life; it changed so many things in me, I don´t even know yet how much it truly changed. I really feel this process is like a path to learn, a path to learn how to manage our own body, our own feelings, our own thoughts, and change things that we have within us, of fear or bad things, for good things, feelings of wellbeing. I had wanted to do a process for about a year, when I met a Breathairian person in Brasil, but I still only knew about the 21 day process, but the essence is the same. I feel like from everything I had heard about the 21 day process was the same, the same things happened. Of course, each person has their own process, their moment; it´s different for each person, but the path is to reprogram ourselves, our feelings, our bodies, to the way that we wish. Happiness is so little. Happiness is so little; it´s the feeling of a very strong synchronicity. Happiness is another thing, it´s a lot stronger than happiness. It´s full life, it´s to feel the life, alive. It´s very strong.

We finished 2 days ago. For me the Process resonated a lot with the intention, because when we conversed that first time about us wanting to do the process, you guys told us that we should give it an intention, and I felt like that part of the intention moved a lot of things in me and that it was achieved. I also strongly felt the reaffirmation of a lot of things in me, and I started to love myself again a lot, love me again and fall in love with myself again. It was a beautiful gift for me. And I feel clean and pure in this marvelous, divine, sacred plan, I feel very sacred to be part of this plan; and very thankful to be able to live this now. Actually, I was never very dependent on food; I´ve always had a healthy relationship with it. My doing the process didn´t really come from that place, but rather from here, inside, to find myself, and have faith. Thank you so much. Tamara, Chile

I did the process with Gily a few weeks ago, and for me I feel like it is an opportunity to enter into contact and connection with my own essence. To find her and hug her again, and when I entered into contact with my essence, it was like I remembered the essence of all things, and entered in contact with the entire universe. Like to assume one´s place within the universe, and in that place be able to see the perfection and the connection between all things. And have faith, and perceive that it is all one, get away from the theory and all those things and really assume it´s place and truly feel it, feel a part of everything and more than anything feel the infinite source of unconditional love for all. It´s to perceive that we need to just be, that there is nothing to do and that there is a lot of time…Jajaja
–Beliza (Brazil)

2014 Israel*

Dear Akahi, thank you so much. I am enjoying my process, that revils it self naturally and beautifully in front of my eyes moment by moment. Thank you*


YYYeeeessss !!! I am the Master / I am The Mistress !!!! ~~~~ You & Camila are a priceless gift That supports me in depenning , extending enriching this Knowing !!! Thanks for being so attentive to me , to all of us – wherever you are !!!!!!!!


Thank you A k a h i !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for allowing Love to flow through you in such genenrous~ beautiful~ playful~ inspirational ways !!!!!!!!! Such a precious ~ shining ~ smiling ~ irresistible diamond – you are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!