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Akahi* – Wordless! Speechless Inner Depth! Cosmic Earth Walker YOU Are! Holding the Chalice of our Own UNIFIED Hearts as WE REMEMBER – as WE WAKE UP to the Inner Radiance within. Delighted Joy of Laughter and Innocence Shimmer in Your BEING as when WE look into Your Shaman Eyes – WE look into Our OWN SOUL. Thank YOU for Your Commitment & Loyalty to the Urgency of This Time – Trusting in THE MYSTERY to REVEAL Itself Within OUR HEARTS – THROUGH YOU – so to Pass On To All WE Meet! WE Weave This Thread TOGETHER AS ONE in Deep, Endless Gratitude & INFINITE GRACE – WE REMEMBER! ..Sarah*



DSC_0920Akahi Salas has spent the past 13 years traveling around the world learning with the most illuminated Shamans and Masters. He is a healing arts expert and multifaceted artist. Broadcasted on radio and TV he is also the world’s top authority on Breathwork Science, Captura de pantalla 2013-09-09 a la(s) 4.25.33 p.m.Breatharianism, the Pranic Living Transition and natural introspective healing programs, and therapies to access the neuro-cellular interconnections. His science has been received by many doctors and healers around the world. Akahi also teaches the Capacity to educate the human mind and body to Live on Light* bringing to this time in the humanity an opportunity to tap into the new frequencies of healing, energy and resources. His lectures are about the best of nature, the connection with ourselves and the universe that we are immersed in, understanding of the body functions and healing process through the Intentional Focus of our Consciousness*

watch Akahi Salas on Supreme Master Television in 2010

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Akahi Salas and his wife Camila Castillo appearance on Lilou Mace Juicy Living Tour* 2012

Akahi’s Art

Music Inspired by Akahi*

When you enter in the breathless you enter into the space of infinite possibilities, the Universe breathes you, and you remember The Breath of Life* Akahi*  became aware that all the Spiritual Teachings of the last millenniums on Earth, including all the thoughts the greater Scientist, Artists, Philosophers, and Spiritual Masters, that have been in the planet earth, like the thoughts of Budha, the thoughts of Tesla, Gandi* The Thoughts of Jesus among many others, all those enlightening insight that have cultivate and accompany the Human Existence, all that information it was still here!, available in the atmosphere, *in the Air*  and he discover he’s capacity to quiet its mind through the breath and translate, reorganize and refine the information available in the Atmosphere-Energy Field of the Universe* to integrate the new frequencies of Healing* into the Society of the 21 Century*  When you experience Akahi* Universal Breath Energy* every breath becomes a healing journey into the existence* Inviting the wellness of the Universe to fulfill every aspect of your life. Breath by breath a gentle process to return to your natural state of happiness and fluidity in the life. Return to the oneness with the Universal Source of Life and Creation, and enjoy a space of infinite possibilites for your being ~ health, love, prosperity, and all the amazing ways of creation will be available for you.

8 DAY PROCESS * Worldwide.


Akahi Ricardo new SUPER HEALING PROGRAM - Real Testimonial

The Mystic Next Door - Interview

Originally from Ecuador, Akahi Ricardo Salas has been a breatharian/pranic being for the last 8 years, and has been teaching workshops worldwide. Being an artist for many years, he experienced a 21 day process which opened the doors to the pranic consciousness. After various “visitations” from beings from other realms, he received a series of breathing techniques that bring about the pranic state, which he now teaches to the world. Akahi also helps to heal people with severe diseases in a clinic in Northern California.

Living off Energy, We are Energy - trailer - new documentary

Ricardo Akahi and Camila from Ecuador and United States that has given birth to two children under these circumstances already and two Czech women too who have been living like this for some two years. The film’s aim is to present the topic seen in a wide scope.

A Viliam Poltikovič film on pranic nourishment

People start to appear almost next to us now who don’t need to accept solid food since the omnipresent energy of the Universe is totally enough for them to live on. Living without food is both unbelievable and inadmissible for a plenty of persons though. We do still know very little however about human potentialities. Long-standing protagonists of this way of nutrition in the world – Jasmuheen from Australia and Henri Monfort from France – are depicted in this movie which shows also a young couple stream from