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An extraordinary process to reveal your mastery, in the most exciting time in the history of the evolution of humanity.


Pranic Breathing Techniques


Breatharian Akahi video course
Breatharian Akahi video course

For Immediate Health and Wellbeing

Breatharian Akahi eBook course

+16 Step-by-step Powerful Videos

8 Years of Akahi Experience

Never seen footage of Akahi

Breatharian Akahi video course
Including how to channel energy through your hands
Breatharian Akahi video course
Accompanying You Everyday with Amazing Lectures
Breatharian Akahi video course
Discover Akahi Breatharian Method

Discover Step-by-step The Amazing Health And Higher Consciousness Secrets Of Akahi Breatharian Method

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Breatharian Akahi Facebook group
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premio: MP3 Breatharians Meditazioni di Akah

Breatharian Meditations MP3
  • Scopri e trasformatevi sorprendenti segreti curativi della Akahi Breatharian Metodo

  • Per chiunque sia interessato a superare le sfide, sia interiore che esteriore, tra cui anche superare i limiti percepiti della scienza!

  • E per gli yogi che vogliono sviluppare potenti tecniche di meditazione per una maggiore salute, vitalità, e beatitudine.

Questo è quello che si ottiene con Akahi Breatharian Metodo

*Step-by-step video corso Akahi Breatharian Metodo insegnato in prima persona da Akahi*

*Diventare Breatharians Libro con le linee guida per monitorare il vostro guarigione e trasformazione stupefacente.

*Accesso Life Time. imparare, and experience the benefits of the program at your own pace.

*Disponibile su tutti i dispositivi (mobile, tavoletta, computer desktop). Accedere alla formazione ovunque!

*Exclusive access to Akahi Breatharian Method Facebook Community. Ask questions, share your experiences or just hang out with like-minded people.

Akahi Pranic Breatharian Video Course
Akahi Pranic Breatharian 8Day process Video Course

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Connect with Your Inner Source of Energy

Akahi Pranic Breatharian Method


Akahi Breatharian Method will open your understanding to a newly developed intelligent way of Light and Energy. It is a platform to bring together like-minded people from all over the world to come experience the evolution of consciousness and complete transformation of their thought processes and how to listen to their real selves. This program is aimed to make people go beyond their dependency on food as a source of life and utilize their inner energy to fuel their existence. This program will take beyond the mystic universal energies for nourishment, energy, and information. Akahi 8 Day Process is extensively researched and approved by scientists in the world who themselves have been intrigued by the power of the program. Using the power of Water and Dry Fast combined with Conscious Breath Technology, the program structure is impactful enough to correct damaged DNA, generate and rejuvenate emotional, mental and physical well-being, regulate the oxygen intake in the body and align the nervous system in the best interest of the overall health of human body.

Happy Users of Akahi Breatharian Method

Scientificamente provata

  • Sleep Like a Baby

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Boundless Energy Levels

  • Mood Improvement

  • Recover Faster

  • Burn Fat and deep Layers of Toxins

  • Align with your True Potential

  • Experience Higher Consciousness

  • Become Sickness Free

What this is NOT for...

1. This content is NOT to encourage anyone to stop eating.

2. Not to promote anyfood pathor diet. ( this is a program to discover your Pranic State )


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